otto_wolf's Journal


I'm otto, i am 18 years old and live is southwest Ohio. my main hobbies are all car related. I own/drive a 1991 Chevrolet caprice 9C1 (Ex-cop car). I have put a lot of work into the car and it is my baby. i do a bunch of random car stuff that is usually a waste of my $$$$ but it keeps me busy and is fun lol. I am currently in school at Sinclair community college where i am in the GM ASAP program where i am training to become a Certified GM technician. I do also work for for a local high end car dealership *cough BMW cough*.lol

Also in case you have not noticed i am a furry. My fursona is Otto a Gray and black wolf that is pretty much just me as a wolf. I am in someways a puppy and enjoy it very much. I have what i call my "puppish" side which comes out a lot. This pup is not always the sharpest tool in the shed and some times gets confused on what to do, but i have a big heart *wags wildly*. I am very happily mated to a very awesome wolf who i love very much. I am also a fursuiter and a east-coast con goer when school/work allows me too.

I love to meet new people and talk and make new friends so hit me up on my AIM sometime *waggles*